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Basic training for language learning


Learn vocabulary you’ll actually use in conversation. It only takes 2,000 words to know 60% of a language. With Sixty Vocab, you’ll learn the most commonly used words in conversation first.


Whether you studied in school or starting from scratch, our learning platform adapts to your learning curve and maximizes study time while allowing you to learn at their own pace.

Get Results

With Sixty Vocab, service men and women can speed up the learning curve to quickly transition into their new communities. For just 20 minutes a day, service men and women will have all the conversational vocabulary they need in 3 months.

Customized Content

Do you need to know military or medical vocabulary? Sixty Vocab specializes in creating content to maximize impact.


Sixty Vocab is the perfect companion for classroom learning, supplementing another language system, and even brushing up on prior skills. Learn on your computer, mobile device, or smartphone. Study anytime - while waiting in line, on the bus, or out for coffee. Our app will work with or without Internet access.


With budget-friendly individual plans and site licenses, we make it easy to say yes to gamified language learning.

Get your employees talking in less than three months.