Making Everything Better...

For Home School

Accelerated learning at the student’s pace.


Our gaming technology appeals to all learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) and enthuses users with merit badges and trackable progress.


Students actually learn their vocabulary. Our learning platform adapts to each students’ learning curve which maximizes study time while allowing students to learn at their own pace.

Get Results

Our “See, Hear, Touch, and Learn” approach is designed to appeal to all learning styles. Interactive learning combined with time-based testing ensures knowledge is truly retained and can be easily recalled.

Multi-level learners

Stimulate learners at all levels in one household through our adaptive platform that builds upon the student’s existing knowledge.


Daily progress indicators allow you to stay fully up-to-date on student and class progress and address student needs faster.


Track student knowledge from year-to-year and get a bird’s eye view on student activity. Get all of their data, knowledge, and progress transferred to your dashboard.

In conjunction with classroom learning, students become fluent faster.