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Be ready to communicate with the locals


Learn vocabulary you’ll actually use in conversation. It only takes 2,000 words to know 60% of a language. With Sixty Vocab, you’ll learn the most commonly used words in conversation first.


Since Sixty Vocab adapts to existing knowledge, your volunteers won’t waste time studying the things they already know.

Get Results

With Sixty Vocab, service men and women can speed up the learning curve to quickly transition into their new communities. For just 20 minutes a day, service men and women will have all the conversational vocabulary they need in 3 months.

Customized Content

Arm your volunteers with what they need to know – Sixty Vocab’s customized content allows your volunteers to confidently transition into their new communities.

Play Offline (Coming Soon)

Our mobile app works with or without Internet reception. The app syncs at the next hotspot. Sixty Vocab makes it easy for volunteers to study anywhere at anytime - while on a flight, on a bus, and even in the most remote corners of the world.


Whether offered to the entire group or individually, Sixty Vocab’s full content is cost-effective for all.

Help your volunteers quickly transition into their new community.